Thursday, April 30, 2009

happy bday Bili

today is Billly's bday :)
hmm he's more likely known as Gepeng actually. LOL. looong story
he's one of d member of 'the band' dat i always talk bout, d 2nd vocalist, n one of my bestfriends in this brotherhood :)

. all the best .

actually its her girlfriend who told me to do so. lol
just to make me involved in his bday surprise party
sweet, eventho im waay far away :)

lots of love for u guys

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cheesy post

im sorry for this cheesy post :p
this is what i do when i got stuck wif my assignment

this is wht i look like when i was doing my assignment. messy appearance eh? lol
i kno its cold already at nite as its autumn here
but my room will still b bloody hot, unless its winter :p

naff for d webcam photoshot
gotta go back to my global business essay
catch u later

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another quality time on internet

long distance relationship tools : msn. ym. skype. oovoo.
big thx to technology inventor who makes this distance bit easier. easier i said, not much easier. lol :p

taken during my break time on uni.
my cam cudnt show up due to internet connection of mine :)

*soul ky om2 rmbutnya bgtu. hahaha. btw, sabar yaa, 3 hr lg kita bs ovooan lg *

n yeaa, he's not working yet :p, he's now doing hospitality dat delegate him to wear uniform for college. boring eh? naah, i like him in his uniform tho. lol

gotta go
i hav a date wif my qcd210 assignment :p

see u later

Monday, April 27, 2009


remember d band dat ive told u ytday?
u kno wht? im SPEECHLESS. dats d only word dat can describe my feeling last nite, when i received their demo. soooo damn good. seems dat they r professional.

i cant describe how PROUD iam guys. nice demo, for real. love it, n i bet d producer will love it too :)

i wanna say, THANX BACK. for giving me d honour to b d first people to hear ur demo. feels like im sooo close to u guys, i guess dats how sisters n brothers look like eh? stick together eventho miles apart ;)

i miss u guys, so bad. never go a day without u guys. all the best. u hav done ur best, now d power of prayer dat works.

soo sorry i cant post their demo, as it's still a secret. ;)
if u wanna kno how good they r, please, pray wif me. then u guys can see how TALENTED they r when they finally make it into:

hey u, yes u. im really proud of u. for real. feels like i want to run n hug u last nite. ur d best drummer ive ever known :). we r gonna make it more than 2%. i hav ur words.

gotta go back to work
assignment really put pain on my ass n ruining my teenage life. lol
smell u later

Sunday, April 26, 2009

head over heels

head over heels LOL
cheesy, i kno. u tell me :p

yep as u guess before
things r going better. u kno wht? positif thinkn wud b the best key to open up d door :)

i'll post u my fav band of all. lol

.. will b reposted soon ..

all of d members are my BESTEST FRIENDS of all
ciko, yoga, ega, abenk, gepeng, guido, meina

n yeaa, he's d drummer :) love

smtimes if i miss him too much, i just play back this video like hundred times
been sooo long seeing him on d stage wif his drum :)
kinda miss those moments

o yea
too late to post it
but glad dat it was succeed

ive got sooo much to do
i hav to get my report done before monday
all the best
n for 'the band'
good luck for the recording :)

catch u later guys

Thursday, April 23, 2009

this stage is CLEARED :p

yea, i improve
seriously, not much tho, but it was a good start :)
wht r they?
1. i didnt late for LLA workshop
2. i didnt skip the lecture n yea i didnt late for the lecture as well
3. i listened to the lecture completely
4. i didnt late for qcd 210 workshop, n i listened to Anettha completely

gotta finish alot of works tonite. n wht r they?
1. article for Rx Magz
2. fixing my questionaire
3. reseach for global business
4. start doing abstract n intro for qcd 210 report

sigh, i wish i cud hav more than 24 hours per day

but i think tonite's gonna b fine. plus he's not going to b ol tonite cause he has this band meeting wif all of his band member talking bout recording thingy. well at least i can force my self to focus on my work, not on those internet tools. lol.
o yea i fogot to tell u. we hav cleared our argue, lol. dammit, i shud b more positiv thinking :p
wish everything wud b better afterwards

o btw, i love this scarf

gotta finish my article
its dued in 3 hours. droll, i kno :p

catch u later

dun blame me if someday i leave

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

reality check

back to d real life n responsibility of living here,
called "college n assessment"
life is no longer a vacation girl, reality check
n yea true dat, d break is over
now its time to get on d business

- Naftalia Adhis -

dang, i know wht u guys think. kinda freak. whatsoever tho :p im just trying to convince my self. dat i came here not for having my christmas-vacation. hate to admit. i got too much fun lately
sneaking around, goofing around, wasting money, missed lots of classes, overslept, ol till d morn come, spending days wif jokes, partying, hanging around, i had too much fun, especially for a girl who lives miles away from home. i knoo, nothing's wrong bout dat. but it turns into mistakes when u dunno how to balance them. n it will impact ur performance. both in academic, or real life priority

man, i just got a big slap in my cheek this morning. i got my draft assignment for questionaire report back. n hell yea. i only got pass-grade. which means dat i passed, but not in a very good grade. i just passed, dats all. its like 6 out of 10 in indo. i kno, i passed. but i want better, n this is what i aim for since i got here. neve got a grade like this before. well, i deserve it tho
since i start doing it like 2 hours before its dued. everything was in rush

funny i start thinking dat i shud stop running my life here like a waste. many people killed to fill my spot. n i just wasting it as if everything was a joke. i shud stop being a clown.i ve got to change. i hav to b grateful of what ive got. i'll do wht it takes to get my 7 back (7 is d highest grade for academic index here in ausie). on this assignment, yet not only for this asignment. but for d rest of this semester, for d rest of my life

i start bluffing around wif my blog

first thing first
i hav to :
set up a good priority
refusing to stay up late, i need much sleep tho
wake up in time
do everything in order
attend all of classes
check my QUT webmail regularly, even during d break
stop procastinating stuffs till everything got mixed up n late
stop joking everywhere unless its weekend
stop checking my fb over over n all over again
pray regularly :)

God is good
trust me, even i forget Him lately,
He still hand me His help when i dunno where to go

sigh, i shud start fixing my questionaire n doing my article for Rx Magazine instead of wiriting on my blog
it can b a fun escape smtimes tho :p

for d sake of priority,
catch u later guys :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

gladiator is out baby

i found another fashion link, n i love it soo bad, named geeks do fashion
n i also found an inspiring quote on it:

Are those gladiator sandals? Are you still wrestling with lions? You're fired!
-Wilhelmina Slater-
(when she finds out one of her employee is still wearing gladiator sandals),
Ugly Betty S3E17

* yea, i did copy from it, click here, they hav alot of awesome quotes n stuffs :) *

ok i got confused
i will b d pianist for some kinda youth service in my curch but i havnt even hold a piano since i came here
so it wud b like 6 months ago, d last time i played piano. o God, help me ..

apart from dat
i got good mood since like ytday, thx alot to NICKY. one of my best friend here, to share her luck wif me. LOL
ok i found another boots n another oxford shoes only worth like 28 bucks (again). yeeaaay, seems like its my lucky number :) :)

meet them:

gotta jump into shower
practice will b begin at 3

inform u later :)

quote of the day

Me. Blanche. Mimosa

"my father alwys says when u touch d bottom things can only go better. just tell urself dat u did sacrifice coming here, but u left smthng to get smthng else. its life, dats how people learns things"

- Blanche Pentecost -
* one of bestfriend of mine *

i miss u girls
sooo soory for not coming to d movie tonite
sooo sorry for dissapearing through easter break
soooo sorry if it feels like im neglecting u lately
its not dat i mean to act dat way

love :)


Friday, April 17, 2009

" though she's so far away " - Heaven Knows

just got shower
wht a lazy friday morning. *yawning*
dammiiitttt, easter holiday will b over soon
amazing how time passes waaaaaay too fast

o yea i fogot to tell u guys
for some reasons i didnt watch fast n furious 4 last nite
i watched Dragon Ball Evolution instead
maan i know it was a silly decission of ours
it was ok tho, as im not dat big fan of dragon ball
but d boys im with last nite said dat it was hell dreadful. lol. too bad boys :p

hey i gain weight like crazy (again)
its no hard for me to realise dat i gain weight
suddenly its not good for me to wear legging n boots
WHAT THE %&$#!!

last nite i did ovoo again wif him
he really want to see d differences after i gain weight plus he want to see my new fringe. lol
n he was like ready to laugh. soul, im sooo gonna kill u when i meet u. :)

ok lets see d differences

it was me when i was like less than one month here

n u guys compare wif these picts, taken just like 6 months later, which means, now.

see d differences?
or maybe not.
well smday gonna post d whole body to prove dat yeaa, i gain weight

gotta cook smthng for my breakfast

catch u later :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

u'll b d prince n i'll b d princess

first, id like to apologize dat my blog still bit messy plus kinda boring
yeaa, still a rookie here, still not b able to edit it like other's blog. lol

before i had my easter break, i did ovoo wif him. lol
miss it tho, as we havnt had this quality time for months due to internet connection of mine. dammit.

i miss u
singing along our fav song in ur car, n picking up ur little sister
sitting right next to u in ur car, n waiting u patiently getting ur car out of the parking area
staring at u, playing ur guitar, n tell me dat i must hav this gorgeous song

all we can do now is staring at the same moon n pray
wish everything will b ok

we r gonaa make it through
we r gonna b fine :)

" kesabaran itu berbuah manis - ciko, our lovely big brother "

jump into shower
gonna watch fast n furious4 in Myer cinema.
i'll tell u whether its good or not :)

hug u later

thrusday afternoon tea

just woke up.
n suddenly feel the regret of not buying the black leather jacket dat i found ytday on dfo.
ok its big, it was size 10. but it was nice. dammit. i shud hav bought it.
n also regret dat i fogot to buy d big-brown-belt.
whats with d memory??

ok i wish when i go back on may
those 2 stuffs are still available for me. lol

i miss my uni friends on qut
it feels like i spent most of my easter holiday with my church-mate
i shud spend more time wif them
or else they wud b mad at me <3

last time i hang wif them was when we had house party in Eunice's apartment
n since i havnt had blog dat time, i wasnt able to post it
for heaven's sake, i miss them soooooo bad

dats all for now
gotta go to do d laundry
maybe gotta post two stories today since i hav nothing to do this morning but waiting him for being on line.
naaah, kinda hard smtimes to hav a talk. lol
smtimes feel like im d only one dat trying so hard to make it works
forget me, im invisible, treat me as if u dun need me.
cause i know for u i just a glimpse of hand
*netink mode on*

kiss u later

first post. droll.

heyya, its my 1st post, but i dun feel like writing
it was kinda hectic day today i guess, yet had quite fun :)
went to dfo n found a pair of boots only worth for 28 bucks. dammit. i love dfo, smtimes tho. lol
*i'll post the pict later, too lazy to pick up my digicam dat unfortunately is located under my clothes. LOLS

first thing first, id like to introduce my self,
i know its kinda cheesy but i think its better for u guys to know me more in my first post, n i'll promise i wont ever ever talk about who i am no more. lol

- naftalia adhisatya pradipta. preferred name : adhis
well, most of people here dunno how to pronounce my name well. they usually pronounce it as if my name is alice or etheese. ok pretty annoying, i know. but i hav to get over it eh? :)
- im a javanesse indonesian girl who stranded here in brisbane, australia, n proud of that.
- part of my body dat i love the most is my eyes,
concern about it sooo much when it comes to put some make up, eventho im a specs-wearing-girl.
- hav been here for like 6 months but still can get lost
- i love looking back, its my guilty pleassure
- i love ice cream, eventho i know i gain weight like crazy since i got here. ok its another guilty pleassure of mine
- i loooove writing sooo damn much. writing 1000 words essay feels like a heaven for me. NOT. lol. however, i do love writing.
- im an art geek. including music, fashion, and interior
- n hey, i love to talk, really want to b a radio broadcaster. i wish. lol
- i didnt feel what people so-called 'culture shock' here. i just dun care wht people do. but smtimes it becomes a bad habbit
- i dun like poeple telling me what to wear. as fashion for me is like an expression of what u feel dat day. i just wear wht i wannna wear

to b frankly, i still cant get enough of this. but it wud b a looooong post if i didnt stopped it just now.
*smtimes when i start to write, i just cant even seem to stop*
gotta sleep
4 am already

catch u later :)