Thursday, April 16, 2009

first post. droll.

heyya, its my 1st post, but i dun feel like writing
it was kinda hectic day today i guess, yet had quite fun :)
went to dfo n found a pair of boots only worth for 28 bucks. dammit. i love dfo, smtimes tho. lol
*i'll post the pict later, too lazy to pick up my digicam dat unfortunately is located under my clothes. LOLS

first thing first, id like to introduce my self,
i know its kinda cheesy but i think its better for u guys to know me more in my first post, n i'll promise i wont ever ever talk about who i am no more. lol

- naftalia adhisatya pradipta. preferred name : adhis
well, most of people here dunno how to pronounce my name well. they usually pronounce it as if my name is alice or etheese. ok pretty annoying, i know. but i hav to get over it eh? :)
- im a javanesse indonesian girl who stranded here in brisbane, australia, n proud of that.
- part of my body dat i love the most is my eyes,
concern about it sooo much when it comes to put some make up, eventho im a specs-wearing-girl.
- hav been here for like 6 months but still can get lost
- i love looking back, its my guilty pleassure
- i love ice cream, eventho i know i gain weight like crazy since i got here. ok its another guilty pleassure of mine
- i loooove writing sooo damn much. writing 1000 words essay feels like a heaven for me. NOT. lol. however, i do love writing.
- im an art geek. including music, fashion, and interior
- n hey, i love to talk, really want to b a radio broadcaster. i wish. lol
- i didnt feel what people so-called 'culture shock' here. i just dun care wht people do. but smtimes it becomes a bad habbit
- i dun like poeple telling me what to wear. as fashion for me is like an expression of what u feel dat day. i just wear wht i wannna wear

to b frankly, i still cant get enough of this. but it wud b a looooong post if i didnt stopped it just now.
*smtimes when i start to write, i just cant even seem to stop*
gotta sleep
4 am already

catch u later :)

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