Sunday, April 26, 2009

head over heels

head over heels LOL
cheesy, i kno. u tell me :p

yep as u guess before
things r going better. u kno wht? positif thinkn wud b the best key to open up d door :)

i'll post u my fav band of all. lol

.. will b reposted soon ..

all of d members are my BESTEST FRIENDS of all
ciko, yoga, ega, abenk, gepeng, guido, meina

n yeaa, he's d drummer :) love

smtimes if i miss him too much, i just play back this video like hundred times
been sooo long seeing him on d stage wif his drum :)
kinda miss those moments

o yea
too late to post it
but glad dat it was succeed

ive got sooo much to do
i hav to get my report done before monday
all the best
n for 'the band'
good luck for the recording :)

catch u later guys

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