Friday, April 17, 2009

" though she's so far away " - Heaven Knows

just got shower
wht a lazy friday morning. *yawning*
dammiiitttt, easter holiday will b over soon
amazing how time passes waaaaaay too fast

o yea i fogot to tell u guys
for some reasons i didnt watch fast n furious 4 last nite
i watched Dragon Ball Evolution instead
maan i know it was a silly decission of ours
it was ok tho, as im not dat big fan of dragon ball
but d boys im with last nite said dat it was hell dreadful. lol. too bad boys :p

hey i gain weight like crazy (again)
its no hard for me to realise dat i gain weight
suddenly its not good for me to wear legging n boots
WHAT THE %&$#!!

last nite i did ovoo again wif him
he really want to see d differences after i gain weight plus he want to see my new fringe. lol
n he was like ready to laugh. soul, im sooo gonna kill u when i meet u. :)

ok lets see d differences

it was me when i was like less than one month here

n u guys compare wif these picts, taken just like 6 months later, which means, now.

see d differences?
or maybe not.
well smday gonna post d whole body to prove dat yeaa, i gain weight

gotta cook smthng for my breakfast

catch u later :)

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  1. wah itu namanya apa software buat video confrencenya? keren gak bisa video confrence nih :((