Tuesday, April 21, 2009

reality check

back to d real life n responsibility of living here,
called "college n assessment"
life is no longer a vacation girl, reality check
n yea true dat, d break is over
now its time to get on d business

- Naftalia Adhis -

dang, i know wht u guys think. kinda freak. whatsoever tho :p im just trying to convince my self. dat i came here not for having my christmas-vacation. hate to admit. i got too much fun lately
sneaking around, goofing around, wasting money, missed lots of classes, overslept, ol till d morn come, spending days wif jokes, partying, hanging around, i had too much fun, especially for a girl who lives miles away from home. i knoo, nothing's wrong bout dat. but it turns into mistakes when u dunno how to balance them. n it will impact ur performance. both in academic, or real life priority

man, i just got a big slap in my cheek this morning. i got my draft assignment for questionaire report back. n hell yea. i only got pass-grade. which means dat i passed, but not in a very good grade. i just passed, dats all. its like 6 out of 10 in indo. i kno, i passed. but i want better, n this is what i aim for since i got here. neve got a grade like this before. well, i deserve it tho
since i start doing it like 2 hours before its dued. everything was in rush

funny i start thinking dat i shud stop running my life here like a waste. many people killed to fill my spot. n i just wasting it as if everything was a joke. i shud stop being a clown.i ve got to change. i hav to b grateful of what ive got. i'll do wht it takes to get my 7 back (7 is d highest grade for academic index here in ausie). on this assignment, yet not only for this asignment. but for d rest of this semester, for d rest of my life

i start bluffing around wif my blog

first thing first
i hav to :
set up a good priority
refusing to stay up late, i need much sleep tho
wake up in time
do everything in order
attend all of classes
check my QUT webmail regularly, even during d break
stop procastinating stuffs till everything got mixed up n late
stop joking everywhere unless its weekend
stop checking my fb over over n all over again
pray regularly :)

God is good
trust me, even i forget Him lately,
He still hand me His help when i dunno where to go

sigh, i shud start fixing my questionaire n doing my article for Rx Magazine instead of wiriting on my blog
it can b a fun escape smtimes tho :p

for d sake of priority,
catch u later guys :)

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