Monday, April 27, 2009


remember d band dat ive told u ytday?
u kno wht? im SPEECHLESS. dats d only word dat can describe my feeling last nite, when i received their demo. soooo damn good. seems dat they r professional.

i cant describe how PROUD iam guys. nice demo, for real. love it, n i bet d producer will love it too :)

i wanna say, THANX BACK. for giving me d honour to b d first people to hear ur demo. feels like im sooo close to u guys, i guess dats how sisters n brothers look like eh? stick together eventho miles apart ;)

i miss u guys, so bad. never go a day without u guys. all the best. u hav done ur best, now d power of prayer dat works.

soo sorry i cant post their demo, as it's still a secret. ;)
if u wanna kno how good they r, please, pray wif me. then u guys can see how TALENTED they r when they finally make it into:

hey u, yes u. im really proud of u. for real. feels like i want to run n hug u last nite. ur d best drummer ive ever known :). we r gonna make it more than 2%. i hav ur words.

gotta go back to work
assignment really put pain on my ass n ruining my teenage life. lol
smell u later

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