Saturday, April 18, 2009

gladiator is out baby

i found another fashion link, n i love it soo bad, named geeks do fashion
n i also found an inspiring quote on it:

Are those gladiator sandals? Are you still wrestling with lions? You're fired!
-Wilhelmina Slater-
(when she finds out one of her employee is still wearing gladiator sandals),
Ugly Betty S3E17

* yea, i did copy from it, click here, they hav alot of awesome quotes n stuffs :) *

ok i got confused
i will b d pianist for some kinda youth service in my curch but i havnt even hold a piano since i came here
so it wud b like 6 months ago, d last time i played piano. o God, help me ..

apart from dat
i got good mood since like ytday, thx alot to NICKY. one of my best friend here, to share her luck wif me. LOL
ok i found another boots n another oxford shoes only worth like 28 bucks (again). yeeaaay, seems like its my lucky number :) :)

meet them:

gotta jump into shower
practice will b begin at 3

inform u later :)

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