Thursday, April 23, 2009

this stage is CLEARED :p

yea, i improve
seriously, not much tho, but it was a good start :)
wht r they?
1. i didnt late for LLA workshop
2. i didnt skip the lecture n yea i didnt late for the lecture as well
3. i listened to the lecture completely
4. i didnt late for qcd 210 workshop, n i listened to Anettha completely

gotta finish alot of works tonite. n wht r they?
1. article for Rx Magz
2. fixing my questionaire
3. reseach for global business
4. start doing abstract n intro for qcd 210 report

sigh, i wish i cud hav more than 24 hours per day

but i think tonite's gonna b fine. plus he's not going to b ol tonite cause he has this band meeting wif all of his band member talking bout recording thingy. well at least i can force my self to focus on my work, not on those internet tools. lol.
o yea i fogot to tell u. we hav cleared our argue, lol. dammit, i shud b more positiv thinking :p
wish everything wud b better afterwards

o btw, i love this scarf

gotta finish my article
its dued in 3 hours. droll, i kno :p

catch u later

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