Thursday, April 16, 2009

thrusday afternoon tea

just woke up.
n suddenly feel the regret of not buying the black leather jacket dat i found ytday on dfo.
ok its big, it was size 10. but it was nice. dammit. i shud hav bought it.
n also regret dat i fogot to buy d big-brown-belt.
whats with d memory??

ok i wish when i go back on may
those 2 stuffs are still available for me. lol

i miss my uni friends on qut
it feels like i spent most of my easter holiday with my church-mate
i shud spend more time wif them
or else they wud b mad at me <3

last time i hang wif them was when we had house party in Eunice's apartment
n since i havnt had blog dat time, i wasnt able to post it
for heaven's sake, i miss them soooooo bad

dats all for now
gotta go to do d laundry
maybe gotta post two stories today since i hav nothing to do this morning but waiting him for being on line.
naaah, kinda hard smtimes to hav a talk. lol
smtimes feel like im d only one dat trying so hard to make it works
forget me, im invisible, treat me as if u dun need me.
cause i know for u i just a glimpse of hand
*netink mode on*

kiss u later

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