Thursday, April 16, 2009

u'll b d prince n i'll b d princess

first, id like to apologize dat my blog still bit messy plus kinda boring
yeaa, still a rookie here, still not b able to edit it like other's blog. lol

before i had my easter break, i did ovoo wif him. lol
miss it tho, as we havnt had this quality time for months due to internet connection of mine. dammit.

i miss u
singing along our fav song in ur car, n picking up ur little sister
sitting right next to u in ur car, n waiting u patiently getting ur car out of the parking area
staring at u, playing ur guitar, n tell me dat i must hav this gorgeous song

all we can do now is staring at the same moon n pray
wish everything will b ok

we r gonaa make it through
we r gonna b fine :)

" kesabaran itu berbuah manis - ciko, our lovely big brother "

jump into shower
gonna watch fast n furious4 in Myer cinema.
i'll tell u whether its good or not :)

hug u later

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