Saturday, May 30, 2009

oi oi oi

ni gw ega si mr chef n drummer (kalo kata adhis hehe)
baru bangun ni coooy
ni blog gw yg gantian ngisi
masalahnya ni yak 
adhis mo konsen blajar dlu
ga mo tu dy buka2 laptop ngeri ke bagi 2 konsennya
oke dah
maap2 kalo ade kata2 gw yg salah nih


been soo long we have d time for our quality time. we both r too busy for taking care our own business in our own continent. me n my final exam dat is going to be sooo on, whereas he n his campus activity n also his band. we often hav this time when i hav slept infront of my laptop with my msn still on while he just reached home. yes, i completely miss him. how long is it going to b till i can b by his side? not so long i guess *wink.

however, no matter how hard this distance is going to be, one thing remain. his face is getting blur n blur each day, but not our heart :) xxx

Friday, May 29, 2009

deff completely craving for it

i want smthng like this for d next wedding party lol

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goldian n Cheril Wedding

Cheril n Goldian
they are the most romantic couple ive ever seen
just like fairy tale
wish u all d best guys
wish u live happily ever after
we love u :) :)

n this is wht im wearing dat nite

really had good time :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

soo not in d mood

gee, im having this phase dat people so-called writer block when i deff dun hav any idea or simply d mood to write smthng. well not all tho, as i still can write smthng for my blog *wink. but seriously, this article actually dued ystday but until now, i still dunno wht i want to write. not dat i dun want to have the 'brainstorming'. i did. but yea, didnt work. man, wht can i write? whts d good structure? whts d good humor dat i can put on it? whts d important stages?

get over it girl, its one ur passion, keep going, dun let urself lose. esp when it comes to d heart business :p

dont u miss high school? cuz i do

i just found out dat maybe everything dat happened in high school shud stay in high school. as none of them r so lasting like forever. well one or two might survive, but most dont

Monday, May 25, 2009

when i finally scream 'enough'

d thing is no matter how hard i try,
i'll never b good enough for u

go away n bring ur mouth with u,
tons of ur words dat keeping me down is deff d LAST THING i need

keep talking, cz i aint listening
n apparently, u r talking with my back

the girls sleepover

silly, dumby, dumbly

we r just being silly

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy bday meinaaaa

happy bday my girl
wish u all d best :) :)
i miss u badly

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

im really mad. did i say mad? wrong. im FURIOUS

this time im really mad. for real. MAD. ANGRY. or even FURIOUS. just dun mess up with me, or even simply just dun talk with me when u only can make more STRESSFUL. i meant it. why dun u just b there with me when my world seems soo dark? isnt dat so simple? be there with me. ive been pushing away my ego like everytime only to bring u up. can u just do it for me now? i need u.

wht am i worried bout? ALOT. shoot, tears again. perfectionism starts killing me. i got 2 presentations tmrw n i really craving for a 7 DAMMIT. i really want to b perfect. recomendations presentation, global business presentation, not to mention d reflective essay n qcd report dats going to b handed back tmrw. man, wht if its below my expectation?

wht else? o, obviously, my weight problem. seriously. someone is like KEEPING ME DOWN all d time, even when my heart screams ENOUGH. i wish i cud put my finger down on my throat n throw everything up. enough, i said. can u just please take me for who i am? o one thing. u said dat ur here for me. but did i see u just ran away with bunch of ur friends when u completely kno dat i just cant stop for being stressful? there, i said it.

so pls dun say dat u r here for me when in fact u were not

yes. i completely mad. dun ask me why. cause i bet u kno it so well. God i desperately need ur help. i meant it. i cant do these things alone. n pls, i wish i cud stop bothering things dat is not worth it to b bothered.

why does everything seems harder when im learning how to b thankful all d time?

Monday, May 18, 2009

i still can b thankful tho ;)

im waaay too tired today. just dun mess up with me. been to campus like the whole day, n dealing with a drama queen. this domination thingy really eat my head up, aarrgghh, bite me!! pls chill exaggerated-tingting-girl, or i'll do my favor on u!!
whts been happening today? ALOT.
1. found my pineaple juice leaked in my bag, i repeat, in my bag, leaving all my documents wet n smells like pineaple. yuck. funny, i desperately need sun in this almost-winter phase
2. my 5 dollars note stucked in vending machine. shit.
3. running out of credit, when im nearly running out of balance in my bank acount
4. i lost my co-op bookshop namecard
5. i broke my shoes. seriously. really broke my shoes
6. n i lost my usb, which means dat i need to type everything all over again as my works r ALL there.

wud it get any worse?

but i still can b thankful to God, for giving me a helping hands when i dunno where to go :) Liana, my day-light saviour, she's been really helpful today. thx darl :)

Adhis n Liana

nothing cant stop me for being grateful

Sunday, May 17, 2009

soooo late post

this post kinda old actually, n yea i appologize. lol. i just hav d time for transfering d picts from digicam to my laptop

happy belated bday Awen :) :)

with d bday guy, Awen :p
sorry for the eggs n the other yucky things wen
well its proved dat we do love u :)

see? ive told u i gain weight. sigh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

when the loneliness strikes again

its not dat im not being thankful or anything. its just dat i like to ask my self, "hey girl wht did i miss?" they seems hav their fun there. i meant, without me there? not to mentiont the if-u-hav-friend-like-this-who-needs-enemy thingy. girl, please, get a life. u cant keep envying it like everytime everywhere. but hey, i hav friends here, why do u keep looking back? i meant its just like ysterday u being so thankful for ur life, n now ur murmuring bout ur life?

yea, true dat. i hav friends, but when im back in my room, seems like everything so quite, n here i am, nothing here but the loneliness. man, actually i hate being home alone on weekend, as my friends across the continent r having their fun without even remember to touch the internet tools. well, im not complaining, my friend :). dats why i like to seek for some kinda sweet escape, when i can b home sooo late. but tonite, i dun feel like going out. dunno why. i was just hoping dat i can enjoy some 'me-time'. but hell yea, dat was a bad decision of mine tho.

its not homesick. more likely called as friendsick. lol. man, im running out of words. i kno so well why im acting this way. yea true, nothing more pathetic than looking back. im always asking d same question like, wht if i were there, wht if i were with them. see? shoot, i really hav to start doing my life here again just like before. girl, ur life is here, earning it now. burn ur bridge. u cant keep living in ur memory. ur life is here.

shit. now i really regret my decission for not going out with blance n others tonite.


early morning post

" be careful little mouth wht u say
as the world may get worse before it gets better "

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

when it comes to choose ..

firstly, choose wht u love d most, dun end up doing smthing dat u dun like. since when u choose wht u love, time will go around without u notice, n u wont be checking ur clock every 5 minutes in a row. secondly, dun choose for money. choose wht u love, then money will follow u. at last, after come up with ur decission, burn ur bridge, so u cant go back. u hav d responsibility to earn wht u hav choosed. never ever ever looking back.

inspired by:
Tony Carr - my Global Business lecturer

its called effort :p

the gonna-be-surprise that is no-longer-a-surpise. lol
thx to his sister Priska, for tagging this picture on facebook
for its going to b soooo long till i'll b home :)
but thx for making me one soul
i appreciate it


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

craving for a 7

sorry dat ive been away for so long, n sorry for easily-to-get-sleep-in-front-of-laptop-with-msn-still-on without letting u kno dat im asleep, n furthermore leaving u there with all of ur stupefaction. this sort of lack-of-sleep problem is getting out of control as i didnt hav much sleep for 2 weeks in a row due to those assignments that ripped my life away. well, is dat my fault? there, i said it.

apparently dats also one of the reasons why i was away from this blogging thingy.

apart from that tho, my management essay is otw to its perfection, at least i hope so. man, i put so much expectation on it dat i worked my ass off for this. n i cant imagine how massive God's helping hands dat He putted on me, not to mention the responsibility dat i need to fight for. yea, its called a 7, the highest academic index.

how can i be thankful for this almost-perfect life
(in particular theres no such a 100% perfect life *wink). God always be there for me even ive forgotten Him lately. big thanks and hug, God. :)

maybe i can do it by trying to keep my feets on the ground n my head in the earth :p
but i do deserve a 7 eh? lol


Monday, May 11, 2009

random shot

some of my ordinary random outfit during summer
now give it up to winter

Sunday, May 10, 2009

heyya mr chef

heyya mr chef
i really miss dat little late chat back then
full of laughter n supports

shud i call u mr busy bashy from now on?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

r u thankful enough?

evening conversation back on that day:

adhis : gw takut ni mei
meina : tkt apaan?
adhis : tkut klo one day gw pulang k indo, gw keenakan n jd berat bgt pas hrs balik k brissie
gw ga bs bayangin gmn skitnya. i just cant help wondering how it hurts, knowing dat i
hav to leave again, alone, sitting in the plane, watching u all waving at my plane
meina : loh knp hrs sedih? hrsnya lo sneng dunk bs ngrasain tinggal di 2 negara skaligus

we actually have so much things to be thankful for
we just dun realise it

then lets ask ourself. r we thankful enough? even for the smallest part.
parents. food. friends. clothes. education. or even d fact dat u can still awake in d morning, feel d sun n find out dat u r still healthy n alive?

if not ..

just imagine dat those things sudenly are taken away from us
please, cherish wht uve got. ur not d most plight people in d world. trust me. u only wish u did.

adhis n meina
i miss u my girl :)


Monday, May 4, 2009

miles away from whom i love

n i think this how heart works. telling them what happen there in far far away. eventho they cant see it, their heart can feel dat smthing just doesnt feel right, smthing just doesnt work in proper way there. truthfully tho , now i kno, heart never tell lies. n therefore its called trust.

*amazingly u can feel it, sorry*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

heart or logic?

hey mr.chef, d drummer
go ol now, need somebody to talk to
when u hav things to choose. which one wud b ur priority, heart or logic?

staring at ur disgusting-cheesy-boyband-pose, will surely make me laugh or at least pull a smile on my face :p

Saturday, May 2, 2009

hey choices, seems like u love me too much

im tired of fighting alone. pursuit d dreams dat getting more unreachable each day. its not dat im no longer believe dat its going to work, but it just seems dat hope begins to fade. smthing just doesnt feel right.

Friday, May 1, 2009

feeling blue

why? i miss my little brother ..

for me he's like d best baseball player in his age, as he's my brother anyway :p

n also a great guitar player

simply a good brother
eventho smtimes he's soooo annoying :)
but when u r far away, u just realise how u miss him badly

i miss being home