Tuesday, May 12, 2009

craving for a 7

sorry dat ive been away for so long, n sorry for easily-to-get-sleep-in-front-of-laptop-with-msn-still-on without letting u kno dat im asleep, n furthermore leaving u there with all of ur stupefaction. this sort of lack-of-sleep problem is getting out of control as i didnt hav much sleep for 2 weeks in a row due to those assignments that ripped my life away. well, is dat my fault? there, i said it.

apparently dats also one of the reasons why i was away from this blogging thingy.

apart from that tho, my management essay is otw to its perfection, at least i hope so. man, i put so much expectation on it dat i worked my ass off for this. n i cant imagine how massive God's helping hands dat He putted on me, not to mention the responsibility dat i need to fight for. yea, its called a 7, the highest academic index.

how can i be thankful for this almost-perfect life
(in particular theres no such a 100% perfect life *wink). God always be there for me even ive forgotten Him lately. big thanks and hug, God. :)

maybe i can do it by trying to keep my feets on the ground n my head in the earth :p
but i do deserve a 7 eh? lol


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