Monday, May 18, 2009

i still can b thankful tho ;)

im waaay too tired today. just dun mess up with me. been to campus like the whole day, n dealing with a drama queen. this domination thingy really eat my head up, aarrgghh, bite me!! pls chill exaggerated-tingting-girl, or i'll do my favor on u!!
whts been happening today? ALOT.
1. found my pineaple juice leaked in my bag, i repeat, in my bag, leaving all my documents wet n smells like pineaple. yuck. funny, i desperately need sun in this almost-winter phase
2. my 5 dollars note stucked in vending machine. shit.
3. running out of credit, when im nearly running out of balance in my bank acount
4. i lost my co-op bookshop namecard
5. i broke my shoes. seriously. really broke my shoes
6. n i lost my usb, which means dat i need to type everything all over again as my works r ALL there.

wud it get any worse?

but i still can b thankful to God, for giving me a helping hands when i dunno where to go :) Liana, my day-light saviour, she's been really helpful today. thx darl :)

Adhis n Liana

nothing cant stop me for being grateful

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