Saturday, May 9, 2009

r u thankful enough?

evening conversation back on that day:

adhis : gw takut ni mei
meina : tkt apaan?
adhis : tkut klo one day gw pulang k indo, gw keenakan n jd berat bgt pas hrs balik k brissie
gw ga bs bayangin gmn skitnya. i just cant help wondering how it hurts, knowing dat i
hav to leave again, alone, sitting in the plane, watching u all waving at my plane
meina : loh knp hrs sedih? hrsnya lo sneng dunk bs ngrasain tinggal di 2 negara skaligus

we actually have so much things to be thankful for
we just dun realise it

then lets ask ourself. r we thankful enough? even for the smallest part.
parents. food. friends. clothes. education. or even d fact dat u can still awake in d morning, feel d sun n find out dat u r still healthy n alive?

if not ..

just imagine dat those things sudenly are taken away from us
please, cherish wht uve got. ur not d most plight people in d world. trust me. u only wish u did.

adhis n meina
i miss u my girl :)


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