Friday, May 15, 2009

when the loneliness strikes again

its not dat im not being thankful or anything. its just dat i like to ask my self, "hey girl wht did i miss?" they seems hav their fun there. i meant, without me there? not to mentiont the if-u-hav-friend-like-this-who-needs-enemy thingy. girl, please, get a life. u cant keep envying it like everytime everywhere. but hey, i hav friends here, why do u keep looking back? i meant its just like ysterday u being so thankful for ur life, n now ur murmuring bout ur life?

yea, true dat. i hav friends, but when im back in my room, seems like everything so quite, n here i am, nothing here but the loneliness. man, actually i hate being home alone on weekend, as my friends across the continent r having their fun without even remember to touch the internet tools. well, im not complaining, my friend :). dats why i like to seek for some kinda sweet escape, when i can b home sooo late. but tonite, i dun feel like going out. dunno why. i was just hoping dat i can enjoy some 'me-time'. but hell yea, dat was a bad decision of mine tho.

its not homesick. more likely called as friendsick. lol. man, im running out of words. i kno so well why im acting this way. yea true, nothing more pathetic than looking back. im always asking d same question like, wht if i were there, wht if i were with them. see? shoot, i really hav to start doing my life here again just like before. girl, ur life is here, earning it now. burn ur bridge. u cant keep living in ur memory. ur life is here.

shit. now i really regret my decission for not going out with blance n others tonite.


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