Saturday, June 13, 2009

harbour town

i went to Harbour Town on tuesday. wht took u soooo long to upload d picts guys? lol. i promise dat i'll put those picts whenever it appears on my fb. lol. so those stories will come with d picts. so wht did i promise u? ow, my bday stories n my goldcoast trip stories. LOL. remind me folks, ok? so wht did i got?
dirty white military jacket. it only worth like 40 bucks. maaaan, n its thick. lovely winter collection

caramel fringe bag. sooooo cute. ive been hunting it like months. n i got it now. dun tell me how much is it. guess it folks :P

i just loooove Harbour Town. i swear dat i'll b back, for getting my own stuff, n dat time, i only think for my own pleasure, unlike now. LOL. u'll kno wht i mean guys, in d right time. xxx.

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