Sunday, June 7, 2009

im back baby

ok, apparently someones been hacking my blog account, NOT. lol. yes yes true dat. its him d drummer n mr chef dat i often mentioned here, he's d one who replaced me for a while while im away from this blogging thingy. so how was he? not bad eh? im sorry for d mess, as he's still a rookie tho. yet, in particular i think we all agree he wrote better content than i do. lol.

im sorry for being away, i fell in love with my exam those days. lol. but now

im back

whats new from me? hmm. well i fogot to mention dat my fav band, Today's Tommorow is ON d indiefest festival stage. PROUD OF U GUYS. u can see their video on youtube by monday, i wish there will b no 'delay' *crossed fingers

whts new again from me? bad news. i can do all of my fnal exam, but yeaa, i cudnt get into d 'board'. n i didnt get as high as i want. well d announcement will b still on next thursday but i even can guess it now. lol. funny dat i think dat i can do better.

wht else? hmm, i skipped d party. yea. the guys will deff kill me when i meet them. how come i missed d party? well im just not in d mood for going out. seriously. i need some 'me-time' after those exams. i knoooo, its not just me for being too anti social .LOL

i dun feel like writing, lol. not in d mood for everything. whts d hell wrong with me? think i can explain. xxx

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