Monday, June 8, 2009


im losing wht people so-called the sparks. dunno why. im wondering. distance? naaah. its just too cliche to be wondered, or its just simply cause its too cliche to admit? well, im losing d excitement. i kno dat i shud b madly happy, like i only need to count down d days, just before d day. yet i just cant help wondering, wht my life wud b dat time. i meant, so many things , we think ,dat dun need to b argued now. so wht does it mean? does it mean dat we will so much things to be argued when we do hav dat status? well, truthfully, its freaking me out.

so wht will happen? in dat status. do we still hav this butterfly inside our stomach when u said dat 3 magic words? will everything still b ok? can we bear d distance like now? will u still b this understanding? we all kno, it happens lots of time. no matter how sweet when u started it, things will get worse in its time, n we never kno. sometimes, so many things dat is shown better than explained. lol. so wht can i say? only time will prove.

i had my bday ystday. so how was it? well im going to tell u d stories till they tag my pictures on fb. lol. i can say dat i got punk'd like more than 3 times. anyway, i love u guys so. bday away from home. feels like i need to start new tradition when im away from home :) xxx

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