Thursday, July 16, 2009

fear = insecure

the most common thing in this acknowledge-phase finally come up n covering me. this kind of feeling fulfill my mind with several unfinished questions. i want to explore situations and pick up every possible answer that i can get. to be frankly, it drives me crazy. i want to ask people, i want to be mad, i want to scream. but i know, it wont give me the truth, n it will just give me tons of negative thought. what i can do is just live with it, try to ignore it, and hoping that when i start to trust, i wont be fooled (again). God will let me know the things that i need to know, in His time. everything that God wants it to be, just be it. at least i will learn some lessons that worth the life. every tears that will drop, every shame that will come, are never worthless. what goes around, comes around. God speed.

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