Monday, July 27, 2009

i understand, i always do.

hey there, the guy in 'the-cure' shirt, the one who's sitting right behind the drum. do u miss me like i do? do u even think bout me even just for a while?

dont u mind if u drop by n try to stand on my shoes? its been hurting me so bad lately. im trying to live without u, dats all i got. as i know it so well dat u cant always be around for me. nevermind, i understand, i always do. what else i can do? even im too tired to speak it out, nothing more i can do but being patient. u got many things to bear of, then u just forget that u have something else to bear too, its called 'a-girl-friend'. but nevermind, i understand, i always do. funny dat now i forget how it feels when ur around. lol.

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