Thursday, July 9, 2009

when it happens to be 'missing him so bad'

dear mr chef,
the drummer,
my dearest boyfriend :p

wht makes me miss u the most?

#1. ur smile, sugar

#2. when ur holding my hand tight

#3. u know i just loooove staring at u while ur driving

#4. n when ur playing with ur drum as well for sure darl :)

#5. ur silly moves n ur jokes :p.
simply, our quality time together in ur car. haha.

#6. our time for singing n keep the music together everywhere

#7. not to mention, everytime i accompany u with ur band in the studio,for practicing or recording. u know that i enjoy it sooo bad

#8. ow yea yea, our favourite day, monday n wednesday, when it happens to be picking ur little sister on her english course.

n more, more, n even more. it will b unfinish post. lol. as everything dat uve done, makes me miss u more more n even more :p
we'r gonna b fine sugar, i knew it.

miss u as always, love.

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