Thursday, August 27, 2009

whats been happening lately? #1. assignments

heloooo faculty. the real nightmare apparently has come and haunt me. faculty is effing tough. i cant even sit back n relax for at least one day. spent my whole weekend in uni doing all of my project n assignments.

#2. Pesta Rakyat @ Brisbane

17th of August,
the independence day of my country
n yea, here's the party held by my country's community called Pesta Rakyat
heres's heaven. i can find all of my country's food that i cant find it here. YEAY.

#3. sooo long diploma

whts been happening lately?
officially graduated from diploma. FOR REAL ! :p

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sorry guys

im sorry for not updating this blog. im having bad weeks lately. the unfinished assignment n project, not to mention the unfinished fight. im currently in the most stressful phase i would know. cant imagine that faculty cant be this tough. i promise i will update this blog whenever i can deal with this worst weeks, ow i got heaps of story to share as well :). cu maybe in a week or two ..