Monday, September 28, 2009

head over heels

the boyf has just tag me his new picture with his new leather jacket on fb. n when i saw it for the first time i was like holly sh*t. the leather jacket is waaay too cool for him, LOL. well to be frankly, he looks so damn good on this jacket. gosh, boy whyd u have to be so gorgeous when im so miles away from u?

another sick fact

dear God, can i have something that last forever?

or maybe i can have it for my xmas present God? ive been doing good this year, err.. sort of. i know that we always have choice so we should make it happens, but sometimes i found out that reality turns to be dissapointing, no matter how hard i try. when i am ready to say hello, i also have to be ready to say good bye, as good things really dont like to stay long.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

miles away from those i love

Random pictures, time flies

JavaJazz, March 2007

Cika's 17 party, October 2007

after prom night - the announcement "LULUS", June 2008

Bandara Soekarno Hatta, October 2008 - leaving

Solaria 2009 - glance visit to my hometown

amazing how time flies way toooo fast, n watch how events and things come n go passed me by.

going home will be like the most impossible thing i wish for now. mom, dad, bro, hows Sinai? i wanna come with u guys so badly to b frankly. guys out there,hows ur preparation for the wedding on sunday? been picking the dress or the hair do? n hey Today's Tomorrow, u guys ready for Ricci Cup's stage? i wish i cud come to those events. been missing alot of events, wht next?.n you, yes you boo, hows life so far without me?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


its pretty exhausting, keep missing someone that much n keep arguing things with the one we miss alot, imagine how good it would be, having him around physically. seriously. i get into the phase when word starts fail me that i dont have the appropriate words to describe how distance turns us to be. he is just more than a girl could as for, yet somehow i just cant stop being so demanding. maybe this time my ego begins to take over my mind. in the other hand, ridiculously, i cant stop. i cant give up, and i wont. cus somehow i know he's just more than worth it. cliche indeed. however, today or tomorrow, i believe this unconditional relationship will stil work out.

i wish everything is just going to be as fine as rainbow

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i just felt dat everything seems so cold now. the distance finally works. i know that ive been missing alot of things, n i know that i cant keep up. it is not everybody's fault, believe me it is not. its just how the world spins, or maybe its just me. it would be too naive if i wish that everything would be the same as before i left. cant get over the fact that being far away from them means being forgotten. it is my fault that i keep looking back while they keep on walking without me, n finally get used to it. newbies start to come, n i am finally replaced. well ts just normal. its just the ideas of immortality. shit it hurts, i want my friends back - ego mode on

Friday, September 4, 2009

"A combination of global warming and El Nino have climate experts predicting this year could be Australia's WARMEST in more than a decade."

effing gosh! Ausie will be like hell this summer, which is completely deffinitely HOTTER than Indo. i wish i could go home !!!

cut cut u cut me out

sorry for the inappropriate holes on the legging. try rip it on my own. lol. o btw sorry guys for being too antisocial. promise that i will make it up after this week, when i finish all of my shits. lol. miss u guys