Saturday, September 19, 2009

miles away from those i love

Random pictures, time flies

JavaJazz, March 2007

Cika's 17 party, October 2007

after prom night - the announcement "LULUS", June 2008

Bandara Soekarno Hatta, October 2008 - leaving

Solaria 2009 - glance visit to my hometown

amazing how time flies way toooo fast, n watch how events and things come n go passed me by.

going home will be like the most impossible thing i wish for now. mom, dad, bro, hows Sinai? i wanna come with u guys so badly to b frankly. guys out there,hows ur preparation for the wedding on sunday? been picking the dress or the hair do? n hey Today's Tomorrow, u guys ready for Ricci Cup's stage? i wish i cud come to those events. been missing alot of events, wht next?.n you, yes you boo, hows life so far without me?

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