Friday, December 18, 2009

5 minutes looking back

2009 has been an accomplishment year for me. dreams finally come true, doing stuffs all out, n indeed l freaking love what im doing. dancing in what so-called my own lala land, where rainbow is my curtain and music is my daily rice. not too long for me to realise that music, dance, art and surely God, is my aim of life. and it keeps growing. those things, i finally do here, a place where God has put me to learn so damn much.

no longer a night fellas, never got drunk no more. it has been 6 months i reckon, not even step my feet on fortitude valley. more likely a church girl i would say. LOLS. got involved in every occasion that i could think off. i know for some people it is HELL ANNOYING to see me in every painting that painted on the wall. for those who got annoyed, i trully appologize. i just cant help to grab all candies that has come to me.

2010. im done here. somehow i want to get out from my comfort zone. this place has comforted me like literally. i will still be here, for those who's worry (turns out no one will. lol). but it will more like me my self, drop the bow and pass it on to the next rainbow. i wil place my self behind the curtain. it is time for me to spread my wings, get on to the next level. dare my self to take this challenge to go on to the next level.

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