Friday, January 29, 2010

i miss u so much that it hurts

"cause u know i'd walk a thousand miles if i could just see u tonight"
Vanessa Carlton - Thousand Miles

sometimes i just cant bear the fact that we r miles away separated. i just realise that all these days, i have never done with it, i am just err.. running away. help me, comfort me, my feet is just too tired to run, my heart is just too tired to bleed, and my body is just too tired to pretend. i have failed to smile whenever i wake up cause i realise that it is just another same days without looking u in the eye. i am putting my mask down and u can see that i have never been strong, i was just pretending that i am. two years ahead. two years. two years ahead to live as a pretender. nevermind, life is always fake anyway. The fact is when u cry, when u even grout, the world will still revolve and too bad, it does not revolve on u. grass will still be green, violets will still be blue, life will keep on going, and he will still be a continent away. i can only force my self to believe that everything will be beautiful in His time. it is true.

"Kesabaran berbuah manis" - Ciko

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