Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year resolution

1. treat people like i want to be treated:
- stop canceling things last minute
- be more sensitive
- try not to please everybody
- respect people more
- stop judging people
- be good to all, cause everybody is unique.
they cant help that they r annoying :p
*common sense, be good to receive better. karma does exist!
2. better GPA.
* please God, i beg u. this is crucial for my next study plan.
3. serve You more,
with a grateful heart, for your glory, not mine :)
4. spread my wings, n stop dishing off opportunities
build connection, get out of my comfort zone, i know i have to!
- prepare my CV n cover letter, take every volunteer job that has come to my ibox
6. stop bluffing about my future plan
i have learned so much that the more i talk about it, the more impossible for it to come true
7. be more faithful, more understanding so we can make it works boo? :)

frankly, i hate making new year resolution, cause i know it wont work. lol. oh gee, so this wud be one of my resolution, my last resolution is:
8. make all of my resolutions come true

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