Monday, February 15, 2010

living interdependently

Once again, i thank You
Once again i pour out my life

i thank God for giving me a very nice companion. big thanks to heaps of my friends who helped me moving out. especially Peter, Kak Novi, Ci Iin, n the guys who helped to take my stuffs up into the second level. yes, its huge enough to be carried. not to mention Ci Iin and Joan who have been soooo nice allowing me to stay for one and a half months. thanks. thanks.
million of thanks. :)


  1. make sure u enjoy ur staying with us :) pesan2 di hotel ya... we still have about 1 month to go, jd dinikmatin aj y neng... :)

  2. :) :) ive had soooooooo much fun living with u guys. i never kno tht living with someone tht ive known before can be this fun. for real :D LOVELOVELOVE