Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the art of being grateful

For every accomplishment that i have got, i feel guilty for keep complaining. but believe me, this thing is not as great as u guys see from the outside. i just cant help for murmuring. one thing that starts waking me up from the dream is when one of my friend said "ah elo mah kapan sih ga galau?" frankly, i hate it when he's right. and he's always right. UGH.

anyway, maybe its me, yang udah lupa gimana caranya bersyukur. being here, healthy, active oh yea what can gone wrong? a lot, i tell u.

have u ever felt like everything is gone wrong but u dont know what exactly it is? it happens to me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Story Bridge

The 30 ambassadors got the chance to climb the Story Bridge.

Apa sih Story Bridge? Story Bridge itu salah satu jembatan terkenal di Brisbane yang terletak di Kangoroo Point. So by seeing the picture above, can u imagine how awesome is that to be in the top of the Story Bridge? seeing the whole Brisbane from the top of it? i can proudly say, I HAVE BEEN THERE. thanks to Study Brisbane yang udah kasi kesempatan buat ambasador-ambasadornya ada di atas sana.

Penasaran kan? come visit Brisbane. the city that has so many things to offer ;)

Brisbane Student Ambassador 2010

Formal Induction Ceremony with Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman

yes, the bittersweet phobia got into the 30 Brisbane International Student Ambassador. how magical it is? i completely thank God for the opportunity that He has given to me. just like old days, the quote that reminds me to be humble "Great power comes great responsibility"

Jadi teman-teman Indonesia yang ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang Brisbane, dan yang ingin tanya-tanya bagaimana rasanya hidup di Brisbane, kuliah/sekolah di Brisbane, bisa click di TANYA AMBASSADOR, dan saya sebagai Brisbane Student Ambassador yang baru siap menjawab dan share pengalaman-pengalaman saya di sini.

o btw, this is the official news article:

in addition to all that, I even got into The Australian and Courier Mail as well.

how cool is that ? :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

hey distance,

which one of us that you think is going to give up first?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

reality bites

"life is under no obligation to give us what we expect."
margaret mitchell

just because reality is far from your dream, doesn't mean you have to hate waking.
just because someone fails to do something, doesn't mean they r not worth keeping.
i'm struggling to keep my eyes open to the alternative reality of things, trying not expect anything out of anybody else but myself.

ps: dammit, it is soo true

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

here we go again

no matter how well we plan everything, life has its own plan for us. it is beyond our control, our power. u might be dissapointed. but as shit as it is, it happens. people keep bluffing around that nobody is perfect, but as pathetic as it is, people keep forcing us to be perfect. just like when it is wrong to be expert and it is also wrong to be less than that. human logic can be inlogical sometimes. God, whyd u have to create it soo complicated? just like life, u make it far more complicated. or maybe u know something that i dont know? yea right. what do i know?

Friday, April 9, 2010


I shout to the sea, and finally the wave stops and seems like staring on my eyes, trying to calm me down. Is it me or is it true. Eventhough the sea doesn look very usual, i keep on denying. Is it me or is it not. The sea and the fire dont have things in common. But simply, it takes more than commonest to blend.

by the way, i have been always wondering. how does it feel? to be in the moon. to be able to walk on it, day by day. will it be as beautiful as what i see from the earth? or is it far more beautiful? what i only know is i used to dream of it. years ago.

If only the moon were close to the earth. I would be able to reach it and feel its beauty. I wont need to find the sea, trying to find the reflection of the moon. it is just because i cant reach the moon, literally.

I know iam not that strong enough to get on to the sea anyway. I mean, come on. i hate water. And unfortunately sea is a big place covered up with water. This place is just not for me. i keep ensuring my self that.

But then i realise, now i get to see it through my apartment's window, eventually. only by looking out through my window, i can see the moon. it is just more than a girl could ask for. why do i need to so demanding anyway? it is here, in front of me. even u cant touch it, u still can feel it. nonetheless its far away.