Friday, April 9, 2010


I shout to the sea, and finally the wave stops and seems like staring on my eyes, trying to calm me down. Is it me or is it true. Eventhough the sea doesn look very usual, i keep on denying. Is it me or is it not. The sea and the fire dont have things in common. But simply, it takes more than commonest to blend.

by the way, i have been always wondering. how does it feel? to be in the moon. to be able to walk on it, day by day. will it be as beautiful as what i see from the earth? or is it far more beautiful? what i only know is i used to dream of it. years ago.

If only the moon were close to the earth. I would be able to reach it and feel its beauty. I wont need to find the sea, trying to find the reflection of the moon. it is just because i cant reach the moon, literally.

I know iam not that strong enough to get on to the sea anyway. I mean, come on. i hate water. And unfortunately sea is a big place covered up with water. This place is just not for me. i keep ensuring my self that.

But then i realise, now i get to see it through my apartment's window, eventually. only by looking out through my window, i can see the moon. it is just more than a girl could ask for. why do i need to so demanding anyway? it is here, in front of me. even u cant touch it, u still can feel it. nonetheless its far away.

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