Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Promotor

for more information www.idolabrisbane.com



E: How can i convince you?
A: Just stay here and be with me
E: i will. in 2 years time
A: its way too long you know
E: girl, i need you to understand
A: well ..
E: till then, i beg you to never let me go

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brisbane Racing Festival

it was bloody hot back then. but i insanely enjoy every second of it. not because it was hot but simply because it was completely fun. not being exaggerating, but yea. had heaps of fun :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010


when i was like 5, i really want to be
1. architect
2. astronout
3. radio announcer
4. pilot

n now age almost 20, i really want to be
1. advertising copywriter
2. music video director
3. radio announcer
4. personal shopper

i found 2 things in common there *drum rolls

1. i have four dreams, not actually one. we supposed to be having only one dream to make it focus ey? that is the inconsistency of what i want to be until now which equals to me completely have no idea of what i actually want even at this stage, when i supposed to be sure about it
2. i wanted and still want to be a radio announcer. but screw that, online media kills the radio star. radio is soo traditional way of media, now is the era of online media. *long sigh.

an early morning slap

early conversation back then

Blanche : what have u been up to these days Adhis? havent heard from u for so long
Me : everything seems chaos Blanche :'( miss hanging around with youuu
Blanche : why? what could be going wrong in your wonderful life? you have heaps of achievements, a gorgeous boyfriend, your mom come to visit not long ago, surrounded by good friends, good grades. whats wrong?
Me : well, uhhmm ooh..

so the problem is just me then
i should have answered her:
"nothing Blanche, i just forget how to be grateful"

and i keep playing dramaqueen