Saturday, May 15, 2010


when i was like 5, i really want to be
1. architect
2. astronout
3. radio announcer
4. pilot

n now age almost 20, i really want to be
1. advertising copywriter
2. music video director
3. radio announcer
4. personal shopper

i found 2 things in common there *drum rolls

1. i have four dreams, not actually one. we supposed to be having only one dream to make it focus ey? that is the inconsistency of what i want to be until now which equals to me completely have no idea of what i actually want even at this stage, when i supposed to be sure about it
2. i wanted and still want to be a radio announcer. but screw that, online media kills the radio star. radio is soo traditional way of media, now is the era of online media. *long sigh.

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