Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i come to You

Dear God
How i miss talking to You God. I have been acting so arrogant thinking that i do not need talking to You. I have been acting unfaithfully, thinking that talking to You will not solve any problem, will not make things better. Forgive me God.

Dear God
I cannot find any words to explain how fragile i am. The storm inside my head. I barely can figure it out. Things happen. and i am too blind to see.

Dear God
Why do you have to make everything immortal. Something good never lasts forever. So why do we have to live if everything will meet its end?

Dear God
Words fail me. Amen.

"di saat iman mu goyah, disitulah iman mu dikuatkan dhis"
a friend that im pretty sure dont want his name to be mentioned here.

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