Sunday, July 17, 2011


6 truth about life:

  1. What i love the most about life is, it is full of surprises. u barely know what tomorrow could bring.
  2. Life is a mystery. there will always be something hidden in every words spoken, and unexpectedly feeling beneath the heart
  3. For those who said life is unfair, must have not heard of the term "what goes around comes around" life is indeed fair. as i believe God never sleeps.
  4. There is no such thing as mistake in life. There will always be something good comes from it. cause life is about learning and mistakes make you grow.
  5. Life is beautiful, in His time. it is determined on how much effort you have put, and how sincere you are when you do it. everything you do will never be useless
  6. Being an insecure mess is such a major waste of time. Cause in the end, you get what you deserve


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