Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wheel of life.

20 December 2010

was in the very top of my life.
i was 20, almost graduated from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, bachelor of advertising.
i was 20, and i got decent job already, as a marketing communication of a very well known newspaper in Jakarta, Harian Seputar Indonesia while spending a long christmas break in Indonesia.
i was 20, and i got a perfect boyfriend that promised me the world, promised me forever. really grateful that we were so secure, nothing could ever break us but the distance. even both of our whole family and friends support us. we were a fairy tale, with "happily ever after" labeled on our forehead.
i was 20, and surrounded by so many loyal friends. spend my whole weekend with them, while boo was away in Bali due to his internship. never i felt alone, never i felt miserable.
i was 20, and surrounded by adequate facilities and supportive parents.

i might be the luckiest 20-years-old girl ever alive. life was beyond good.

20 December 2011

i am 21. seeing my watery eyes, my incapability to move on whilst life keeps revolving as if nothing happens, and my incapability to kiss goodbye my sorrow, we all must have agreed that life, is pretty much like a wheel.

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