Sunday, May 13, 2012

it has been a surprise to get into you

dear you,

i need to seek my self through this pile of crowd. i need to figure things out. like where i am going, what i actually want, and it really is a pain in the bump. i need to actually know my self, before someone else tell me who i am to them. i thought i will be needing someone's assistance in solving this riddle, someone that knows me more than i know my self. but as things happen, i realise that i need to walk this journey alone, i need to be able to find my self, on my own, without anyone's help, not even you.

and perhaps, you do too.

and if we do belong together, we will get to see each other in a year or two, or maybe sooner, or later. that way you will see me as a new yet better person and i will do too. and when we meet, we will finally know what we want, and things might start fits perfectly together. who knows.

so for now we go our separate ways, and we will see


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